Tasted and handpicked for you. A selection of our favourite cocktails and some of the best gins from our Scottish producers. enjoy! 



Genuine Cuban Mojito / £6.50
Havana Genuine Cuban Mojito- Havana Club 3yo, fresh mint and lime,
sugar syrup, crushed ice and splash of soda.

Raspberry Mojito / £6.95
Havana Club 7yo and sugar syrup muddled with fresh mint, lime and
fresh raspberries, crushed ice and splash of soda.

Strawberry Mojito / £6.95
Havana Club 7yo and sugar syrup muddled with fresh mint, lime and fresh strawberries, crushed ice and splash of soda.



French Martini / £6.25
A true classic. Absolut Raspberri vodka, Chambord, fresh raspberries
and pineapple juice, shaken and served.

Espresso Martini / £6.50
Perfect after dinner treat or before! Absolut Vanilla, Khalua, espresso shot
and sugar syrup.



Woo Woo / £5.95  Absolut vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.

Long Island Iced Tea / £6.50  Absolut vodka, Beefeater gin, Cointreau,
tequila, Havana club 3yo with lemon juice, sugar syrup and dash of coke.

Chambord Spritzer / £6.50 
Dry white wine, black cherry liqueur, topped up with lemonade served
with fresh mint and raspberries. 

Dark and stormy / £7.25 
Kraken black spiced rum and lime syrup topped up with Jamaican ginger beer.

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Fizz / £6.25
Edinburgh rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur and prosecco.



LOCH NESS Highland £4.75
Real and rare, stands on its own as a sipping gin. Premium, handpicked ‘Black Gold’ juniper, crisp full-bodied Water from the Loch and secret ingredients. (slice of kiwi)                                                     

Harris gin Isle of Harris £4.50
Nine specially chosen botanicals seek to capture the elemental nature of the Harris, particularly the influences of the seas surrounding Harris. Sugar kelp is the key to subtle coastal notes. (red grapefruit)

Rock ROse Caithness £4.25
Fresh, zesty & full. We love the annually changing berry flavours which reflect Scotland’s weather.
A handcrafted gin we think is one of the best. (rosemary & orange peel)

Hendricks Ayrshire £3.45
Juniper, coriander, violets and rose. Whilst gentle and subtle these select. Botanicals combine to provide an exciting and complex spirit. (cucumber)

EDINBURGH GIN Edinburgh £4.25
A classic London Dry style gin. Clean, zesty and juniper-forward, whilst balancing softness with bright citrus notes. (orange peel)

goodwill Highland £4.50
Highland gin made using nine premium botanicals, including handpicked hawthorn berries from a neighbouring farm. (orange peel & coriander)

kinrara Highland £4.25
A juniper led dry gin, combining both foraged and locally sourced botanicals. The rosehips and Rowan berries used have been gathered from the estate. (orange peel)

The botanist Islay £4.25
In true Islay style; bold, complex gin. Abundant zesty notes lead you on a vibrant journey through twenty-two locally foraged botanicals. (lemon & thyme)